Survey Results

NotOneDamnDime Survey
• Analyzing 1276 responses.
• Presentation generated on February 8, 2005.
Participation - Question Participation
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Yes 122997.1%
1 - Question 1
ChoiceCountPercent of Sample
web log (blog)19115.0%
web site of news media organization907.1%
web site of a political organization19915.6%
web site not affiliated with a news media or political organization 13810.8%
personal, face to face conversation18414.4%
telephone call292.3%
newspaper (paper copy)524.1%
2 - Question 2
ChoiceCountPercent of Sample
family member20115.8%
member of political group/organization to which I belong or am in contact with37229.2%
member of a social group/organization to which I belong or am in contact with12910.1%
casual acquaintence483.8%
chance meeting/stranger141.1%
5 - Question 5
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
personal, face to face conversation34828.6%
web log (blog posting)342.8%
posted to web site252.1%
list serv121.0%
Q7 - Question 7 - A
TopicStrongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I view NotOne DamnDime (NODD) as useful647496741520
I will say positive things about NODD 77941440314
NODD offered me a way to feel like I am part of the political process725399872013
8 - Question 8
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Don't know, undecided272.2%
Maybe, a small chance191.5%
Yes, a good chance36629.2%
Yes, definitely82766.1%
9 - Question 9
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
have not been involved in other issues or political activism before1048.3%
was already involved, that lead me to NotOneDamnDime104383.5%
because of NODD, plan to get involved in future 796.3%
beyond interest in NODD, don't plan to get involved further231.8%
11 - Question 11
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Much stronger opposition1078.6%
somewhat stronger opposition14811.9%
the same level, no change in opposition96677.5%
somewhat weaker opposition00.0%
much weaker opposition30.2%
don't know221.8%
Q12 - Question 12 - A
TopicStrongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I will encourage others to learn more about the NODD protest agenda488595133714
I will encourage others to act to advance this protest agenda512572137812
I will encourage others to express their views in support of this protest agenda520557138812
I will act to advance this protest agenda4935181931114
I will contribute money to this protest agenda9419163720462
I will speak out publically and privately on this protest agenda4555381832921
Q14 - Question 14 - A
TopicHigh valueMedium valueLow value
Administration 178420589
state elected officials, policies 234622329
local officials, policies310548317
political issue advocacy tool572517103
interest group activity or tactic67743079
grass roots mobilization 83230254
Q18 - Question 18 - A
TopicHigh valueMedium valueLow value
mobilizing those who are a-political or uninvolved into political activity502483163
empowering me to get involved politically on my own610419119
motivating me to participate in specific planned activities outlined in the NODD e-mail or website581435125
organizing and coordinating people to participate in group actions501501138
19 - Question 19
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Yes, I have made on-line donations 33127.7%
Yes, I have made donations, but not on-line 24920.9%
Yes, I have made donations, in both ways26922.5%
No, I have not donated money to candidate/s31926.7%
can't remember262.2%
20 - Question 20
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
$2000 (or more)141.2%
21 - Question 21
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Yes, I have made on-line donations 31026.2%
Yes, I have made donations, but not on-line 27923.5%
Yes, I have made donations, in both ways27923.5%
No, I have not donated money to any group/s or issue/s27623.3%
can't remember413.5%
22 - Question 22
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
$2000 (or more)70.6%
23 - Question 23
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
I was not eligible to vote in past elections 534.4%
I vote nearly every election year for nearly every kind of election and office90175.5%
I vote in the majority of election years, kinds of elections, and levels of offices17814.9%
I vote in some election years, some kinds of elections and for some offices484.0%
I never or almost never vote141.2%
24 - Question 24
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
No, I have never volunteered for a campaign44037.1%
Yes, I have volunteered to work, but this is the only election year I've done so28624.1%
Yes, I have volunteered, in more than one election 46138.8%
25 - Question 25
ChoiceCountPercent of Sample
No, have never attended a Meetup for a political topic65050.9%
Yes, attended for an interest group or advocacy/grassroots organization 37029.0%
Yes, attended for a policy issue topic17914.0%
Yes, attended for a presidential candidate30023.5%
Yes, attended for a Senate or gubernatorial candidate 1169.1%
Yes, attended for a political party21216.6%
27 - Question 27
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
several times a day95179.8%
once a day17214.4%
3 or more days a week504.2%
1 or 2 days a week131.1%
once every few weeks30.3%
less than once a month00.0%
don't know20.2%
28 - Question 28
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Yes, but only one candidate's national campaign web site15813.3%
Yes, one candidate's national campaign web site plus campaign's local volunteer web site/s1159.7%
Yes, several candidates' web sites78366.1%
No, I have not visited any candidate web sites this election cycle12810.8%
29 - Question 29
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Yes, but only one party's national web site22318.9%
Yes, one party's national campaign web site plus its state or local web site/s21718.4%
Yes, several different parties' web sites50843.1%
No, I have not visited any political party web sites this election cycle23019.5%
30 - Question 30
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
No, none978.2%
Yes, between 1 and 4 political activism sites52644.7%
Yes, between 5 and10 political activism sites29825.3%
Yes, more than 10 political activism sites25521.7%
31 - Question 31
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
strong Democrat71860.7%
weak Democrat917.7%
weak Republican30.3%
strong Republican60.5%
Green party897.5%
Libertarian party181.5%
other third party221.9%
32 - Question 32
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
don't know393.3%
34 - Question 34
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
35 - Question 35
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
not currently employed22519.2%
clerical, office services, data processing847.2%
business, professional, scientific fields38132.5%
services: health, safety, education, government24120.5%
skilled trades or artisans736.2%
domestic services, food or institutional services171.4%
36 - Question 36
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
divorced or separated14712.4%
partnered 1079.1%
37 - Question 37
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
up to $25,00020718.7%
between $25,000 and $40,00021819.7%
between $40,000 and $60,00021019.0%
between $60,000 and $80,00016514.9%
between $80,000 and $100,00013211.9%
between $100,000 and $150,00013111.8%
more than $150,000454.1%
38 - Question 38
ChoiceCountPercentage Answered
Hispanic, Spanish American, Chicano252.1%
Oriental/Asian: Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islander110.9%
American Indian/Native American90.8%