Not One Damn Dime! (Part II)

Protest Bush's fiscal policies by emailing your Congressmen on tax day

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Demand Responsible Spending on Tax Day

Because the people in Washington continue to mortgage America's future with tax cuts and deficit spending, because corporate America and the corporate press continue to hide their heads in the sand about it, Tax Day, April 15th, 2005 is Not One Damn Dime Tax Day across America.

On Not One Damn Dime Tax Day, email the people who represent you in Washington. Tell them to stop playing fast and loose with the economy. Sit down at the computer and speak up. Take part in a virtual march on Washington by emailing both of your Senators, as well as your Representative.

Tell them you're mad as hell about their fiscal insanity. Tell them cutting taxes and going deeper into debt than this nation has ever gone is no way to run America. Tell them "Not One Damn Dime more in national debt."

Tell them to do right by the American people, and the issues they care about, like education and health care. Tell them they are not elected by the corporations and corporate lobbyists who are lining the halls of congress (and lining your representatives' pockets) looking to reduce their tax obligations one minute, and increase government subsidies to their industries the next. Tell them "Not One Damn Dime more in corporate tax breaks."

Tell them that more spending on an unnecessary war in Iraq is throwing good money after bad, and threatens our national security. Tell them to support our troops by bringing them home now. Tell them 'Not One Damn Dime more for military adventures.'

Tell them people across America, red and blue, agree: It's unfair to saddle future generations of Americans with trillions of dollars in principal and interest for programs and pork Washington wants, but won't pay for, today. Tell them "Not One Damn Dime more in pork."

Tell them that, with the Euro breathing down America's neck, with foreign banks getting nervous about the size of America's debt, they owe America tough decisions and real solutions more than they owe their corporate buddies another favor. Email them on April 15th. Tell them "Not One Damn Dime!"

Just three little emails. Send them anytime between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM on April 15th. (You can find the appropriate addresses and sample messages at .)

On April 15th, 2005, write your Senators and your Representative. Tell them you don't want them to borrow one damn dime more; that they have no right to put your children and grandchildren's names on their IOUs. Tell them to stop porking around and get America's fiscal act together. Now.

Please share this as an email with as many people as possible, and please express your opinion at .

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